The Voice of Steve

Nil desperandum - Never despair. A medical student's journey in Odense

In good friends' company

It was surely a while ago since I let myself be that relaxed and calm on the inside, as I was yesterday. Even if it has been over three months now, I never really let myself have the privilege to have some fun, since it felt so wrong sometimes. I guess we all mourn in our own way; some drink themselves to oblivion, while others punish themselves in one way or the other. We know where to put me...

However, I have come to realize that it must not have been this way he intended me to continue. Deep down inside me, I too know that the best way to cherish his memory is to live life fully in the sense that he will never have the opportunity to do. I would certainly wish my loved ones to do that too, the day when my journey has come to an end.

I feel that I am ready to move on, not forgetting but remembering the good old days and moments we shared. I have come to peace with those conflicting thoughts that arose shortly after the incident. It is important to remember, but it is as critical not to neglect what you have before you; your friends, loved ones and yourself.

With that in thought, I spent a lovely evening/night with some good friends yesterday. Sadly enough, there have not been many occasions to meet all together this past six months, but it was worth all the waiting. Hearty laughter, great company and mutual appreciation is a mix that is rather difficult to find these days. And in the midst of all this joy, I realize that these moments I am experiencing right now, will be presenting themselves rather scarcely in the future. Time has come to a point where our paths part. It is unbearable but still unavoidable. I hope I have told you enough how much I will miss You and Our moments together. Those, I will always bear close to my heart, and take them out whenever I need some sunbeams shining through my window...


Det är bra att du går vidare. Jag är riktigt glad för din skull...


Tack Klas-Åke!