The Voice of Steve

Nil desperandum - Never despair. A medical student's journey in Odense

Council of Elders

So it is, the council has been summoned upon the issue of the forthcoming journey to the Middle-earth. A group of elderly men seeing the world through a filthy window behind a cold brick wall; isolated, colour blinded and incomprehensible of the world outside.

Long gone have these grey-bearded men forgot about how it was to have a young spirit, to feel freedom and having the urge to explore the unknown. Having lost their curiosity and joy for life, the only option left was to dwell in the misfortunes of others.

Nonetheless, the influence they hold in their hands cannot be underestimated. Their souls may be shadowed, but their minds and tongues are still sharp as the edge of a sharpened sword. Weak minds get lured into the mist, and weak souls will get trapped in the shadows of the deep mountain foot.

See no more, listen no more! Turn back and forget the venomous words of the elders. Live your life with curiosity and joy safely kept in the vault of your mind.

An illustrative picture, although the description above might not apply to Elrond.


Fint skrivet!

Å appropå ditt tidigare inlägg så borde du komma å vila upp dej här i Finland. Med bastu, ris å öl. Å dopp i isvaken. Det skulle göra susen!


Tack Daniel!

Heh, angående dopp i ishav så fegar jag ur! Jag är en badkruka, så du kan tänka dig hur glad jag blir över att hoppa i iskallt vatten...

Hmm, öl säger du.. -rynkar på näsan- ge mig Finlandia så snackar vi!


You already know what I think. Thumbs up!