The Voice of Steve

Nil desperandum - Never despair. A medical student's journey in Odense

The Art of Indulgence

This journey on the American east coast is sadly coming to an end very soon. Even the best of things do have an end, 'cause if there is no end to things we would never be able to appreciate the things we have and the people we are surrounded by. With no end, there will be no start or ending of the good, the bad, (and the ugly).

I will certainly miss my cousins! I will miss New York City and the spirit of this town. And I will miss the time I have spent with my friend. Spending so much time together just the two of us, do reveal many new sides that has never been up to the surface before. For example, I have realized how bad tempered I can become when I have not been fed for many hours, and still have to walk around to find a dining place when waking up at morning/noon. I turn over to the dark side, as André kind of put it.

It is certainly an art to indulge yourself in food, fun and shopping. Just look at that plate of sushi below and you understand what I say. Of course we shared that plate, but still just look at all the colours and kind of sushi! Karro would have loved it, I am sure! I thank my cousins for that dinner. And we have been at museums and been cultural.

Have to go, need to get some last-minute shopping done and then we are heading for Central Park, free entertainment!


Jaaa.. vad kan man säga... Så jag summerar med ett ord: AVUNDSJUK! -.-'


:-P Vänta några år, så sticker vi dit to-gether! ballt!