The Voice of Steve

Nil desperandum - Never despair. A medical student's journey in Odense

Hot, hot, hot!

It is crazy how hot it is here! Almost over 100 fahrenheit, i.e. 38 degrees Celsius! We are boiling inside, and sweating like being pushed into a sauna. And yes momma, I am drinking a lot of water. Do not worry about that. Yes, yes, I am eating like a horse as well.

We have been walking around so much that I think I might find a hole in my shoe when I get home. And I really recommend the shoe-brand Vagabond! Better walking shoes are hard to find. From Uptown to Lower Manhattan has our walking path been taking us. Such great buildings, monuments, shops! We are amazed over what people is capable of building. We are like two farmers from the countryside visiting the big city, "woow-ing" and "woahh-ing" for almost everything.

Another interesting thing with the USA is that everything you buy in coffee shops or restaurants are specifically written with the amount of calories that the food contains. Everything! It makes me feel bad everytime I realize how much I stuff myself. André and I ordered a chocolate cupcake each yesterday.. 570 calories. It was so compact that it would be good for two whole meals. I could not finish it. Sorry momma, I threw it away.

Another day in New York, another day in paradise.

Greetings from NY.


Steve, du ser biff ut! Vad äter du där borta?



Mer tjock skulle jag säga... David däremot tror att du antingen har mirakulöst VÄXT.. eller att du står på en sten. Därför du cut off era ben på bilden....


haha, jag ser inte biff ut... det är min skjorta som är slapp! Slappare än vad du är van vid att se mig i iaf :-P Jag äter AMERICAN 3XL SIZE FOOD! MUMMMS. haha

Haha, Betty.. jag står inte på ngn sten.. det kan du säga till David! Och jag är fortf längre än honom.. så hah.. han får vänta ngt år till!