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The Lion King Musical on Broadway

Another thing to check of from my to-do-list in this life! A thing you should do when in NYC is to attend a Broadway show if your personal economy allows you to. Although our tickets were very pricey, I strongly believe it was worth every penny I paid! This is incomparable to all the musicals, concerts and operas that I have been to earlier, incomparable!

The opening scene was awesome; enchanting and truly a visual stimulation! Goosebumps all over my body. The music is great as I already knew from the Disney movie, but they somehow managed to raise it to a whole other level with an outstanding choir that supported the lead singer. Rafiki is my favourite character, no doubt! She was the one singing in the opening scene and what a performance during the rest of the show, amazing!

My description will not do the show any justice, you simply have to watch it yourself in order to understand my praises. I sat glued to my chair for three hours, smiling all the time and giggling occassionaly. The Lion King truly brings out the child in every one of us! This has only strengthened my belief in that The Lion King is the best Disney movie ever made, my all time favourite!

Watch out the sneak peak below and enjoy!

Sneak peak of the musical.

Opening scene performed during the Tony Awards 2008.


Not fair! Jag älskar Lejonkungen! Jag vill också se! =/



Mäktigt det ser ut! Liknande Kung Fu-showen jag såg i Kina, som var öppningsnumret inför OS.. Det var också mäktigt. :D

Du ser ut att ha det härligt, blir avundsjuk ju. :)


:-) Du får vänta J! håhå

Den är mäktig Christoffer! Jag minns däremot inte öppningsnr inför OS i Beijing.. konstigt.. :-P