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Nil desperandum - Never despair. A medical student's journey in Odense

New York by night

It has been two great evenings in a row! Makes me love the city even more, if that is even possible. I finally got to meet my two cousins that live in this city. It was a bit nervous at first I must say, since I have not met them for over four years now, and many things could have changed during that period of time. What if I could not talk to them like I used to anymore, awkward would it be!

André and I arrived to the comedy show, Comix, that we were going to for the evening. Twenty minutes late, some things never seems to change I guess, no matter where we are. But to our defense, it is hard to know how much time it takes to travel up and down of Manhattan. And we got a bit lost too. The moment I got there, I recognized my cousins immediately. There they stood, not a day older than I remembered.

For the show, it was Larry Gilmore and Wyatt Cenac starring. The latter one better known for all swedes from the Daily show where he travelled to Sweden and reported on the horrors of socialism. The show was great fun and a totally new experience watching stand-up comedy live. Larry was hilarious and Wyatt not far behind!

Last night was at this place called Webster Hall, a big place with dancefloors on three separate floors. Packed with people, and $1 shots before midnight! Could it be better? I had a great time and enjoyed it a lot! I am pretty sure that André agrees with me on that. The best part is, my cousins and I are getting along pretty well! Just like old times.



Vackert! Förstår om du är lycklig :)


Ni verkar ha kul på er resa =) Kul att läsa!


Steve, may I just ask one question? Why oh why are you writing in english now? Just because you're in NYC?


Brorsan är konstig.. han tror att han helt plötsligt får engelsktalande läsare bara för att han är i NY... *host*....


Haha, hm. vi kanske inte ska slita sönder hans små rosa moln då? ;-)

You just go ahead Steven! hehe, du vet att det är kärleksfullt retande va? :-P


ehh, jag skriver på engelska för att våra kusiner, Betty, mina kusiner, Jenny, ska kunna förstå vad jag skriver. Det är inte så lätt för dem annars att låta Googles översättningar! :-P Så mina rosa moln är intakta, mina fröknar!

Tack Karro! Hoppas du har haft det bra på din resa, need to catch up later on! :-D

tack Simone! :-D