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Nil desperandum - Never despair. A medical student's journey in Odense

New York - the world inside a city

This city is simply too huge for us to be able to see it all, eat it all, and shop it all during our stay here! Just walking down one avenue takes hours of our precious time, and there are tons of interesting stores everywhere! I say it, New York has got everything for everybody! My sister would love it, my future partner adores it, and I would have to drag my future child out of the stores.

This must be every child's dream to visit the gigantic Toys R Us in central Times Square, where they have this Paris wheel inside the store itself! Or why not Nintendo World having like over 30 different Nintendo consoles for people to try out. André was really like a child again, almost running around screaming "Nintendo-o-o!" and doing some happy-jumps midair. Not to mention the NBC Experience store where they got all this stuff from every show, and our number one priority being Heroes! I bought a Heroes-cup, I just love it! Oh, did I mention that Andy got this Sylar-action figure as well?

We have also seen a store with a successful concept, Abercrombie & Fitch. Took me a long time before I found the store, but it was worth it. In order to attract all this women to a store, you simply put a half-naked model at the entrance available for taking photos, and they will be there! All these girls flushing and sweating standing beside that hunk, giggling and flushing even more is crazy! I was so moved by this that I almost wanted to stand in line myself for a picture! But with this way of marketing, all the girls/women visit the store and buy clothes, all the guys stare jealously at this hunk all with a secret desire to look as good, thus all these customers will certainly shop a lot more! Genious!

We have been up to Empire State building during the evening as well. Breath-taking view over Manhattan and the districts nearby! It only takes about 45 seconds to get up to the 86th floor, amazing! We can brag about being on the 102nd floor as well. A view killing for.

Now, it is time for dim sum and Chinatown.


Steve!!! Det är ju meningen att du ska ta en bild på Hunken i skyltfönstret och lägga upp det på bloggen? Vill du inte att alla tjejer ska fortsätta läsa din underbara blogg *blink blink*



shoppat mkt nu steve??OOooO testat olive garden än?eller cheesecake factory?eller yashinoya? du hittar nånstans som säljer philly cheesesteak det är ett måste!!


Rasshi, hahah.. well.. om jag hade börjat trängas där i kön med alla tjejer som hyperventilerade hade jag nog blivit lite ..bara lite utsatt. :-P

Lenglui, jag har shoppat en del yes :-P tur jag tog med mig en extra tom väska :-P Men alla de namnen.. ojoj.. har inte hittat ngn cheesecake fac, olive garden el yashinoya... Det är svårt att hitta en specifik grej här i stan! too much, too much... men jag ska försöka :-P