The Voice of Steve

Nil desperandum - Never despair. A medical student's journey in Odense

Roaming Times Square and Theatre District

Although we live pretty central on Manhattan, it is not the area with all the fancy stores and huge scrapes that are our immediate neighbours. Uptown, Central Park is our hood, my friends. So you can imagine the shock of arriving into the really central parts of Manhattan with all the breathtaking skyscrapers, and neonlights flashing everywhere!

We took the subway into Times Square, and the moment we stood there on ground level, seeing what we usually see on the movies, we started to laugh with our entire face, from the chin and up to the forehead. True happiness lit up both our faces!

Apart from our way to dress and accent, I have noticed a major way how to distinguish turists from locals. Whenever getting inside or outside a building, we turists always look up while the locals either look downwards or straight forward seemingly uninterested.

Yesterday was just great! Stroving around, breathing in the athmosphere and just being here is cool. Today is probabaly going to be more planned. Less roaming, more decisive walking to specific locations. I will just wait till Mr Sleepy awakens.

Times Square