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Nil desperandum - Never despair. A medical student's journey in Odense

Shopping and Sightseeing

Most of the time here in New York have been spent on shopping and sightseeing, in equal shares I would like to believe. But my moneybag tells me something else. I think that I will be able to fill up that extra bag I brought with me. It is crazy actually. But then again, how often do you visit New York?

We have been around to most of the different areas in New York by now, and have been walking for many, many miles. Soho and Tribeca is something special, with an unique architecture dating back to the time before the skyscrapers existed. There is a lot of great stores for younger customers, so I am happy. Little Italy was indeed little compared to the expanding Chinatown just nearby. The first one being composed of mainly italian restaurants with plastic tables and chairs outside their spots, and the latter one being all chaotic and undermanaged. I just do not understand why most of the Chinatowns I have been to are so digusting and filthy.

Lower Manhattan is huge! All the buildings are skyhigh, and the sidewalks are double the size compared to elsewhere. We also passed by Ground Zero, but did not see anything. I thought they still had the two great torches lighting up the locations, but it is just a gigantic building workplace right now.

Need to catch some sleep now folks. We are trying to get some tickets to a Broadway-show tomorrow and have to get there early. Wish us luck!

Around the city.