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Nil desperandum - Never despair. A medical student's journey in Odense

Grandpa's b-day party

Dagen för årets stora kalas var slutligen här, och alla rusade omkring under kaotiska former för att slutföra den/de uppgiften/-er varje person hade blivit given. Saker att köpa, mat att tillaga, kakor/bullar/tårtor att hämta... För att sedan ordna med dekorationen; blåsa upp en massa ballonger och sätta upp streamers. Alla hjälptes åt, och alla gäster höll den asiatiska tidsschemat, vilket betyder att de alla först anländer efter utsatt tid (hah!), så historien berättad kort, det blev en stor framgång!

To my English readers out there that are trying to dechiffer the Swedish language, I write to you in the language that we all do know... :-) 

It was a really great birthday party in my opinion. Grandfather's siblings, nephews and nieces and their children, grandpa's children and all his grandchildren were here to celebrate his birthday. To an aging man, nothing else do matter more than the care and love that one's family can give. I have not seen him so happy and with such a huge smile on his face any other time that I have been here. Although it was nothing as fancy as it could have been if we decided to celebrate at a fine restaurant with a ten course meal and people all dressed up, this was what he wanted, a relaxed environment with the people closest to him. The food was great and in such an excess that we are still trying to eat up the left-overs, the cake was just delicious, and the family photos are going to be passed down to generations from now.

I really enjoyed meeting all the distant relatives that I know and do not know from before, to see the changes and what kind of person that they have become. There are flaws in every facade, but honestly, I really appreciate this side of the bloodline. The kindness and loving approach make me feel welcomed and loved. I do wish that they lived closer to Scandinavia, if not for me, for my mum's sake.



Brothers and sisters.

More brothers.

Time for b-day cake. 

My family. 


Opening presents; in this picture - Family-tree.


Beautiful! It looks like pictures taken from a movie with a happy ending! And love the family tree, my grandmother had one too =)

Enjoy yourself over there Steve!



Lovely lovely!! Happy to see you guys happy. You have such a good-looking family and little Martin is probably growing up to become a teenager, after hanging out with the older cousins during this trip. Elisabeth hair is lovely and the dress too! The pictures are cute and your little cousin sitting on grandpas knee, thats the cutest thing eveeeer! And no one did the peace sign during any of the pictures :) Have soo much fun sweet Steve, I'm looking forward to hear all the fun stories when you are back to Odense! Huugs!


Gud vad mysigt det både ser ut att vara och låter. Toppen!

Och jag blir helt förbluffad... Kan man ha större familj/släkt?! Haha. Skulle jag också vilja ha! Kan jag få bli inneboende? Haha.


Jing, thank you dear! My grandpa really loved the gift too! :-)

R, thank you for such a compliment about my family...! :-) I know, Elisabeth's dress is really pretty... and the little cousins are adorable! :-) And we are all westernized and refuse to do any peace signs! hahah! Hugs dear!

Christoffer, det där är bara min ena sidas närmaste familj. :-) Min andra sida är nästan lika stor och min släkt skulle inte ens få plats på ett och samma foto! haha... Varför inneboende... tror du hade blivit skrämd och flytt till fots!! ;-P