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Nil desperandum - Never despair. A medical student's journey in Odense

Grand Canyon & Las Vegas

Efter en fem dagars sejour i Nevada och Arizona är vi åter tillbaka i San Diego. Det har varit några härliga dagar och även om det alltid finns en del baksidor med att åka iväg på längre resor tillsammans med tretton personer, har det varit en bra resa generellt. Nu är jag tillbaka i San Diego för den sista veckan innan jag måste åka tillbaka till Danmark. Känns som att jag hade velat stanna åtminstone en vecka till, om inte för att uppleva staden och handla det jag vill, så för att umgås mer med mina kusiner som jag inte lär se mer av förrän om några år igen när de är äldre och förändrade igen.

The journey up to Las Vegas was almost a five hours trip, and quite enjoyable during most parts. We were all very excited and happy that so many of us had been able to come along. Thirteen people at start and we knew that four more would meet us up in Las Vegas the day after tomorrow. Playing cards, sleeping, chatting, singing... and time went by. Soon enough we approached Las Vegas, Nevada. I must say that I was pretty impressed by all the fancy hotels and casinos that stood along the Las Vegas Boulevard. Our own hotel, Monte Carlo, was not too bad either. Being a full time student, living on loans, that was luxurous indeed!

The next morning we took off rather early towards Grand Canyon, Arizona. It was another four hours drive, that nearly took us eight hours including the time for breakfast and lunch breaks. On our way, we also passed by and spent some time at Hoover Dam, in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River, on the border between the states of Arizona and Nevada. It was the first large concrete structure to be built in the USA, finished in 1936. Interestingly, this is the place where some of the scenes from 'Transformers' were filmed.

When we finally arrived to Grand Canyon, the weather was unfortunately not the best. Nevertheless, the view was magnificent and breathtaking! I will most certainly come back one day in the future, for real hiking and river trips. You would certainly need much more time than what we had, in order to explore what Grand Canyon have to offer.

The following day was a Las Vegas-day, and we had by this time grown so tired of sitting in a car, that every second of walking was a joy in itself! My mum and aunts enjoyed themselves in the hotel's gym and spa, whilst the kids swam in the pool. Going out in the sometimes more than 40 degrees heat is nothing that someone does voluntary. Maybe me and Elisabeth are quite crazy then, because we did go out to see Vegas by day. It was so hot, we almost melted away! Then we all went out during the evening to see Vegas by night. We even went to Fremont Street downtown Las Vegas, where they had live bands and music/light shows, apart from the usual casinos and celebrity look-a-likes. An interesting experience indeed!

I really enjoyed these past few days, although they could have been better at some points. But then again, not everything here in life is perfect. And when going away with so many people, one should be prepared for many wills and opinions. My siblings and cousins are great, I can imagine how a future trip to Vegas would be like, Las Vegalicious! :-)

On our way through the desert to Nevada.
Arriving at the hotel.
Tired after a long trip, yes?!
Hoover Dam.

Hoover Dam with us.
Grand Canyon.

Cousins in front of Forum Shops

Me and sis at one of the many viewing points.
Canyon with storm approaching.
Venetian Hotel.
Ceasers Palace.

Around hotel Mirage, I think..
Hotel Paris, seen with the water show at hotel Bellagio.
Fremont Street Downtown Las Vegas.


Ser så otroligt mysigt ut. Se till att njuta fullt ut av sista veckan innan det blir tillbaka till rödkorvlandet och alla cigg! ;D


WOW, Steve du verkar ha det skit BRA!!!!!! Hoppas du verkligen NJUTER av sommaren i USA......Vi ses snart :)


jag njuter och jag göds! :-D Vi ses snart hemma i Skandinavien igen. Jag hoppas det inte är regnet som dominerar! :-)