The Voice of Steve

Nil desperandum - Never despair. A medical student's journey in Odense

"I want to be a doctor!"

It was my last day at the hospital yesterday, and the past few days have been the most interesting so far, which made me feel slightly sad. Anyway, I went with the same doctor as yesterday and we were both very thrilled to see if the patient under the immunoglobulin-treatment had shown any progress.

During the morning meeting, the physician on call told us that the progress had been limited and the responsible nurse was of the same opinion, reporting of the elevated demand for oxygen during the last night. We were of course a bit saddened by the news, but kept the spirit high. There would be another treatment that could help this patient.

We walked into the room, and was shocked by what we saw! The patient was standing up, slightly unsteady after the weeks in bed, in the progress of putting on the socks, and smiled at us when we came into the room! The feeling I felt in that moment was incredible, all the pieces of the puzzle came into place, and I realized that this is the very essence of my profession, to see a patient cured and on his feet again! All the cerebral symptoms were gone and surely this patient will soon be able to go home again with the parents. Before we went we were asked: "Is it hard to become a doctor?", with the head tilted on one side. "I want to be a doctor and help people!"

A happy ending, a sunshine-story, a great experience to conclude my practice at the hospital for this time. :-)


jag blir alldeles varm i hjärtat av denna solskenshistoria!! /ishi