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Nil desperandum - Never despair. A medical student's journey in Odense

The Power of Google

Today was absolutely the most exciting day at the hospital! I know it sounds weird when I talk about other people's diseases as something exciting, but see it through a medical student's eyes, this is what I am there for, to observe and learn! I am sorry if anyone thinks it is a heartless thing to say.

I went with a great doctor today, who turned out to be a swede and have lived in Denmark for 15 years now. She was one of the first Swedish students that studied in this country back then. She found love. Anyway, she was great! Engaged me and really discussed the patients as if I was a colleague of hers. And to be able to use Swedish was such a huge difference, I could actually say everything I meant without switching words and having to think differently due to limitations in my Danish vocabulary!

We had this patient that got worse today. Many doctors during the past week have racked their brains over his condition and have not really known what to do. They have searched the literature and consulted with senior physicians without any success. But the doctor that I went with during the afternoon, had a decisive skill; she was better at using Google and searching through the medical publications online. She found an article that described another patient with similar symptoms and infection, where a certain treatment cured the patient completely after a single infusion with immunoglobulins. We were all very excited over this and consulted with the chief physician before starting up the treatment, because it was a quite expensive one; 100.000 DKK.

This really shows what a large impact internet do have in a doctor's profession these days, and how decisive it is to be able to search for relevant literature. If you know how to Google with the correct keywords, lives can be saved! I will give you a follow-up on that patient and do hope that we will find a cured patient tomorrow! :-)


Intressant stivi! väntar på en fortsättning!! =) /ishi