The Voice of Steve

Nil desperandum - Never despair. A medical student's journey in Odense

Practical training

So far the training at the hospital has been pretty interesting. I must say that it is kind of  uneventful at times, but apparently the children are extra well and healthy during the summer vacation, leaving the hospitals half-empty!

I can really tell that I still have a long way before I am even qualified to do this job. If I am lucky, I might understand fifty percent of what the doctors tell each other during the morning meetings. Worst cases, I get practically nothing! But the colleagues are otherwise very helpful and really take their time to explain things that I do not understand during the round.

During these first days I have mostly been stationed at the neonatal department, where the infants have been born too early. Some infants need CPAP to assist the breathing, while others need to be in a respirator. Their nourishment needs to be observed and the doctors examine every change that happens.

So far I have learnt how to perform an ordinary objective examination of a child, and done it on some "more healthy" children without any major complications, under supervision. The most interesting thing that happened today, was when they tried to put an umbilical venous catheter on a premature born infant, but it failed. The lesson is, doctors are no super heroes...

Dextrocardia, midline liver, abnormal course of the umbilical catheters.


Intressant, indeed. Respiratorer blev jag bra på att förstå mig på när jag var på IVA. Haha. :)


:-) Jag känner mig som den värsta gröngölingen! Såå grön!