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Nil desperandum - Never despair. A medical student's journey in Odense

Why California is a special place for me

It has been a week now since I came home from San Diego, a week where I abruptly switched from careless days under a warm Californian sun back to everyday life in little Odense, walking down the hospital corridors in my white doctor's coat.

I cannot deny that I miss San Diego, not so much the dependence on other people to drive me around, but I surely miss most of my family over there. San Diego has had a special place all the way back to childhood. It was a place where I reconnected with my family from another world that lay far away across the big oceans. Sometimes it strikes me how able children are that know how to communicate with each other even though they do not share the same language, which was the case between me and my cousins back then.

We have many wonderful memories from every trip in California, each of them alone fuel me with happiness but also aching longing for a part of my family that I only get to see once every five years. How many five years do a person have during his lifetime? Which makes me think about my ageing grandfather, whose only wish is that the family stands strong and united at all times. How many more times will he be seeing us all gathered in San Diego? That is why I see this trip as a big success, foremost when seeing my grandfather so happy and smiling every single day, but also for us when I think about the many bonds that we have consolidated during these past weeks.

It is probably true that our schedule was not packed with exciting things to do every day, which is the major regret this time. But then again, I have not asked for visits to the most expensive bars, clubs, restaurants, quarters... to feel that I have done something exciting. Just show me San Diego and how people live, without us having to ask for a drive all the time. Am aware that my uncles and aunts are all hard-working people and since the financial crisis unemployment has struck many people, which make them less willing to risk their jobs by taking days off. But what about after work? Who cares or do not care, are clearly shown.

I look back on this journey and am very glad that I got to spend some time with grandfather and my lovely cousins and will miss them very much. I will remember granddad's smiles and laughter, I will remember his tearful farewell when I left, I will remember my cousins' pureness of heart, and I will most definitely remember the feeling of being surrounded by so many loved ones. I am a fortunate brother that have been given a lovable sister and two as lovable little brothers, as well as many American brothers and sisters that I deeply care about!

Be well and I hope to see you soon again!


Bra skrivet brorsan!


brother from the same mother kunde du inte ta en battre bild p[ mig en den med min tjocka lilla mage den langst upp med vattenfallet till backgrund..
men annars var det bra skrivit:-P


Thank you my brothers! :-) <3