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Nil desperandum - Never despair. A medical student's journey in Odense

René -Heart- Claire

I had the honour to attend the wedding between our dear friends René and Claire yesterday! It was a lovely wedding at a harmonious location near the sea. The bride was so beautiful and the groom so handsome! After some nervous moments and giggling from me, when seeing the bride being led down the aisle by her father, they finally said 'Yes!' to each other.

René's speech at the reception was very beautiful and came directly from the bottom of his heart. I nearly shed a tear, because of how beautiful it was! The Danes had some traditions that were unknown for me until now; guests stamping means the bride and groom must kiss under the table or what about best man cutting the socks of the groom...? :-P

It was a pleasure to be part of René and Claire's special day and I wish them all the best in the future. May them be graced with a happy marriage!

P.S. Why I write this in English? Claire is British. :-) 


Du är ju stiligare än brudgummen det får man inte vara vettu höhö. Men svårt kanske när du alltid ser lika proper och stilig ut. :D